It’s 2nd December and that means it’s the national day in the U.A.E. This year, 2020 marks the 49th national day for the country, and To celebrate the 49th UAE National Day we’ve rounded up 49 amazing facts to help you get to know few more facts about the UAE a little better.

ready, Set, GO!

  1. Two of the world’s biggest dancing fountains are found in Dubai. They are the Dubai Mall Fountain and The Palm Fountain.
  2. In the UAE, Ajman is the smallest emirate.
  3. The UAE has a 93 percent literacy rate.
  4. In the UAE, Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate.
  5. More than 200 nationalities consist among the UAE population.
  6. The least populated emirate in the UAE is Umm Al Quwain.
  7. Sharjah is regarded to be the Middle East’s cultural capital.
  8. In the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah gets more rainfall than every other emirate.
  9. The UAE has a population of 9.8 million people in total.
  10. The UAE’s overall land population is 83,600 square km
  11. The national animal of the UAE is the Arabian Oryx.
  12. The official language of the UAE is Arabic, but there are over 200 languages spoken here.
  13. The UAE is a federation which consists of seven emirates.
  14. The UAE emirate that has the highest number of mountains is Fujairah.
  15. Fujairah has the oldest mosque in the UAE and it is 600 years old.
  16. The UAE is the first nation in the world to have an Artificial Intelligence minister.
  17. The tank at the Dubai Aquarium is the world’s biggest suspended aquarium.
  18. Dubai has the first 7-star hotel in the country, the Burj Al Arab.
  19. Abu Dhabi has a falcon hospital.
  20. Dubai is host to a hospital for camels.
  21. In the UAE, you can consume camel-milk chocolate.
  22. You can try a camel burger as well too.
  23. The Gold Souk of Dubai is the world’s largest market for gold.
  24. The UAE has ATMs that dispense gold bars as well.
  25. The first zero-carbon, zero-waste, car-free city in the world is Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.
  26. There are four man-made islands in Dubai: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, Deira Island, and the World Planet.
  27. Before the 1930s, the most significant business and main source of revenue in Abu Dhabi was pearling.
  28. Petrol and bottled water are at about the same cost in the UAE.
  29. Islam is the primary religion of the UAE, but it is host to over 40 places for other religions to worship.
  30. The UAE is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Oman.
  31. Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 is one of the world’s biggest airport terminals.
  32. Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest structure. It has a height of 828 meters.
  33. Dubai Police has a collection of Bugatti, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini and more supercars.
  34. The UAE is the host of the world’s richest horse race, the Dubai World Cup.
  35. The world’s most costly cupcake is found in Dubai.
  36. Restaurants in Dubai are in the habit of dusting gold on a ton of food. Steaks, fries, ice cream… Karak Chai as well.
  37. In the UAE, the male population surpasses the female population.
  38. The UAE has 10 airports.
  39. The Metro in Dubai doesn’t have a driver.
  40. The Palm Jumeirah can be seen from space.
  41. The UAE is ranked as one of the world’s safest countries.
  42. Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the country, with 1,200 stores, an aquatic zoo and an ice rink.
  43. On a four-kilometer slope in Dubai, you can go skiing indoors.
  44. The Ghaf tree is the UAE National Tree.
  45. But the date palm tree is the most commonly found tree in the UAE.
  46. The UAE is responsible for 6% of the production of dates worldwide.
  47. In the UAE, there are no “real” rivers.
  48. The Dubai-based Geovora Hotel is the world’s tallest hotel.
  49. The UAE will make it rain, artificially via cloud seeding.