Before getting deeper into the topic.. let me introduce to “Flutter” basically it is a software kit created by Google.. that means it is the authentic and valuable thing.. as we all know that Google doesn’t make something useless.. except the icons for their apps..
Flutter helps you to make native application.. the application which works on different platforms but uses a single code base.. which means you have to code less and the app will work on any operating system..
For Example, You can make android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Web application.. by just using single code i.e. “Dart”
So this is the true benefit of this software kit.. Google did a great job.. but they forget about design.. coding the user interface in flutter take a lot of time..

So for saving a lot of your time in doing the useless work.. I’m going to share some methods for exporting your design into code..
In this article, I’m going to tell you how you can export your XD design into code.. previously I’ve created an article in which I discuss how to export Figma design to flutter.

Flutter announced the new #AdobeXD #Flutter Plugin and it promises us the design to flutter workflow in seconds. In this episode, we want to take a first look into the new #AdobeXD plugin and see if it works.

1. Xd to Flutter Plugin

Adobe Xd provides an official plugin for export to flutter.. this might take you time to get understand it but don’t worry you can watch the tutorial listed below..
This plugin will help you in exporting your design easily into flutter code “Dart” and after some alterations, you’re ready to go..
Download Plugin:

2. Export Tools

The second most effective way of exporting xd to flutter is by using a 3rd party software.. there are various no-code tools available in the market.. just like supernova.. a great tool for flutter export.. it export Sketch, Figma, Xd files into flutter very easily..
So, these are two ways I recommend you to use.. but don’t worry I’ll not leave you there.. I have some informative guys on YouTube that created some tutorial for exporting..