missing og:image missing might impact negatively your SEO and your facebook shares will be missing the image..

To fix this is very easy, first off install Yoast SEO plug in (This must have SEO plugin for wordpress sites has well over 5 millions active installs)

The fix simply consists of adding a default Facebook image in SEO -> Social -> Facebook.

SEO Yoast

This will make the og:image properties appear on your homepage.

The default image will only appear on posts / pages that don’t have any images set for them.

So, think about it.

Your posts are covered, because they have featured images added, right?

You most likely have, or need to add anyway, an image to every page via Yoast Social box, so images appear in snippets when pages are shared.

So, that would only leave your homepage “uncovered”, because of the bug, but adding a default Facebook image will fix that. It will fill in the gap.

Am I right or am I right? 😀

Looking forward for the real fix, though.